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The Farm summer festivals 2019 – Part 2

Friday August 23rd 2019

Early start as we’re driving to Inverness as special guests of Madness! Getting picked up outside McDonalds, Switch Island at 7:30am!

Roy went the night before on a plane…….

….and Team Mullin went ahead in their car.

Good selection of DVD’s to watch, unfortunately we couldn’t find the remote control!

A fine selection of new forks and spoons in the van though.


Stopped off at Gretna to buy a remote control but no joy!Back in the van and the remote is found underneath one of the seats!

We watched Will Ferrell ‘Talladega Nights’ very funny!

Into the highlands with some marvellous scenery!

We stopped off in Kingussie for a nice pint.

We were suitably refreshed!

At last we arrive at the venue

Time to sound check, Peter looking cool…..

….and Carl is wearing a snazzy new coat!

Soundcheck done and we headed off to the hotel for an hour.

Met a lovely fan Lorna who made us some Farm cupcakes!

They were delicious!!!

We also signed her record collection…..

….and posed for a team photo.

Back to the venue to try and find some real ale but no luck.

The rider it will have to be!

Went out front to watch Jeremiah Ferrari from Manchester, a good reggae/rock fusion.

Time to head backstage as we were on soon.

We got a great reaction!

Went down brilliantly – what a fabulous crowd!

Met a wobbly fan Becca….

…..before going back to the dressing room to have a drink with Suggs.

Time for Madness!Madness played a brilliant set!

We all then went into Inverness following the crowd, it was a great spectacle.

We arrived at the Black Isle Brewing CompanyIt’s a brilliant craft ale pub & brewery. I really enjoyed the Yellowhammer Pale AleSpent quite a while sampling the various beers until we were all starving.

Meanwhile Carl bumped into a couple of Madness fans……

…..and I ended the day as it started outside a McDonalds!What a fantastic time we had though!

Saturday August 24th 2019

Few hours sleep at the Alan Partridge hotel, breakfast finished at 10:00 but just about made it.

Everybody on the van for the three hour trip across Scotland to Montrose.

Team Mullin had gone ahead and discovered a town called Keith!

Back on the bus we watched the new ‘Man from Uncle’ DVD, it was quite good.

We were all a bit hungover and were glad when we eventually arrived at the venue.

It’s a coastal town so we decided to go for a stroll on the beach while the crew set up.

Had a coffee and an ice cream and looked on at the venue from a distance.

Then we casually wandered back for the soundcheck.

Had a few problems with the monitors but the overall sound was good. The dressing rooms were a short drive away at Montrose FC’s football ground.

Time was getting on and we were desperate to eat. We walked into the town looking for a restaurant but everywhere was chocker. We eventually ended up in a chippy.

Fish suppers all round and Team Mullin opted for a deep fried mars bar chaser!

Now for a pint!

Only had time for one drink and we chose Ice Breaker by Greene King.

We sat outside in a beer yard, the sun was shining, the beer was nice but we were all a bit bloated after the fish supper.

Walked it off as we headed back to the dressing rooms.

The rider was – you guessed it

We were on soon so we loaded up the bus with the rider and headed off.

Now backstage with Shona we were ready to go on….

….our sound-guy John King at the helm!

Crowd were brilliant again!!!

Crowd were absolutely fantastic!!!!!

It was a brilliant gig but we had to get straight off. We said our goodbyes to Madness……

…..and headed off on the long journey home. What a brilliant couple of days!!


‘Some people are born two drinks below par.’

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