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The Farm Summer Festivals 2023

Saturday May 20th 2023

Today is the first festival of the year and we’re off to Cookham Moor in Berkshire.

It’s as if we’ve never been away…

Inside No 9

Picking up Roy at the garage nearest the M62 is also a familiar view…

So it’s off we go…

We had a good selection of DVD’s to watch…

but thought we’d leave them till after breakfast stopping at Keele services.

A microwaved bacon bap

We didn’t stay long then got back on the bus to find the DVD player wasn’t actually working…

Oh well, back to the conversation…

Only thing to look forward to now is to find a nice country pub along the way…

Continuing our theme of visiting English Civil War battlegrounds, we decided to look for a pub in the village of Cropredy, Oxfordshire where in 1644 the battle of Cropredy Bridge took place.

The Battle of Cropredy Bridge was fought on 29 June 1644 near Banbury, Oxfordshire during the First English Civil War. In the engagement, Sir William Waller and the Parliamentarian army failed to capture King Charles.

Just a minute’s drive up the road we arrive at our destination…

The Brasenose Arms…

The Brasenose Arms is one of two pubs in the village. Fairport Convention holds its annual music festival at Cropredy and posed for the cover of its album Fairport Nine in front of the Brasenose Arms, so it is a site of pilgrimage for folk- and folk-rock music fans much as Abbey Road is for Beatles fans.

Royalist dogs

Inside we ordered some food and our beer of choice…

Not just the iconic ale of the capital, London Pride is an all-British affair that unites a nation of beer drinkers. It’s brewed with entirely home-grown hop varieties – Target for bittering and Northdown, Challenger and Goldings for aroma – but the soul of the beer is unquestionably in the malt.

Crystal malts combine with spring-harvested Pale Ale varieties Concerto and Propino, to give Pride its inimitable depth and balance.

We sat outside and I tried a selfie…


Food was good…

Only time for one drink so we headed back to the van…

We were still about an hour or so away from the venue and by now the temperature had soared…

We continued to press the PS button…

but to no avail… and as we didn’t want to be cooked on the way to Cookham, we opened the window to try and cool down!

Soon enough we arrived at Cookham Moor…

Backstage looking good…

We had a quick look at the running order…

and went out front to have a look around and to watch Space…

Tommy Scott

The photo’s of Space were taken by a fellow scouser and photographer living in Cookham, Mick Vogel.

We enjoyed bumping into him and having our picture taken with him.

We were on after Space so time for Carl to have a quick ice cream…

and get backstage again

The crowd were building up outside as it was nearly time for us to go on…

Great reception!

Got very hot on stage

The crowd were fantastic !

After the show we hooked up with Mick again…

who kindly let us use his photos for the blog!

Dave Benson-Philips
Nick Kershaw
Soul II Soul
Kim Wilde
Boomtown Rats

A great start to this years festival season!

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September Festivals 2022 (2)

Saturday 17th September 2022

This weekend marks our last two festivals of the summer. Tomorrow we play in Skegness as part of the Replay Music Weekend and today we’re off to Yorkshire to play in the grounds of Wentworth Woodhouse, a Grade I listed country house in the village of Wentworth, in the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham.

We were due at the venue at 5.30 so we planned to leave around 1.30.

Our film for the day was…

We travelled through some lovely countryside on the way…

Crowden and Chew Reservoir

In the film, the Beatles were having a pint.

This reminded us that we needed to find a nice local pub for lunch.

The King & Miller, Deepcar, Sheffield.

The King & Miller is a family & dog friendly pub with cosy indoor seating areas and a spacious outdoor beer garden, so we can accommodate you whatever the weather! Farmers Ales served from just £2.80 a pint and a warm welcome, what’s not to like!

Our driver dropped us off outside and we hurried in for a pint!

Keith and I had the Farmers Pale Ale

A distinctive fruity pale ale, well balanced with a powerful floral bouquet, full-bodied and a predominantly dry aftertaste.

The others went for the Farmers Blonde!

This award winning, very pale brilliant blonde beer has citrus and summer fruit aromas making it an extremely refreshing and ‘easy drinking’ ale.

The food was very tasty.


Two pints later, we set off to find the bus…

The crew were travelling separately

After that, it didn’t seem to take too long to get to our destination.

It has the longest façade of any country home in Europe at over 600 feet in length. It is more than twice the length of Buckingham Palace; the physical footprint of the house is enormous!

We were ushered in to our boutique dressing room…

then went straight out to have a look around the festival site.


The queue for the Queen (tribute band)

We watched a few songs from Bulsara & His Queenies…

An unknown fan

Then headed over to the New Music Stage to watch The Rosadocs!

They were great and we were also spotted in the audience!

We decided against an axe throwing contest

We headed backstage for a quick tour of the house.

The house nowadays is used frequently by film producers, it has been used in the big screen feature, Downton Abbey, and the drama, Gentleman Jack for the BBC.

The Christians were up next…

They went down brilliantly and later on we met up with Gary.

Not long now till we were on stage so we cracked on with todays rider beer which was Peroni Red…

Peroni Red is a darker, more hoppy take on their popular lager. Produced with 100% Italian Malt, it retains the same great refreshment with moderate bitterness and balanced hops and malt.

The crowd were building up nicely!

At last we’re on!

Videos provided by Farm fan Gary

The crowd were great and we went down a storm!

We were all starving so we headed out to get some food.

The duck wrap was a favourite

Then we watched Heather Small from front and side of stage.

After a while it was time to get to our hotel in Rotherham so we left the festival site.

Just time for a nightcap before our journey to Skegness in the morning.

What a great day out it was!

Sunday 18th September 2022

Today we’re off to the Replay Music Weekender at Butlin’s, Skegness.

But first… breakfast!

Great breakfast at the hotel and everyone was ready to leave at 11 for the journey to Skegness.

The journey would take about 2 hours but once we’d got off the motorways it was a pleasant drive. Alex was telling us that her grandparents live not too far away from Skegness.

Eventually we arrived at our destination

Inside the big top it was enormous!

We thought we’d have a look around…

The Wash😟

It was a bit cold so we headed back

Everton were playing West Ham so we thought we’d meet up with Keith and Peter who were watching the game in Hotshots…

We had photos taken with quite a few fans watching the football😀

After the game we fancied something to eat and drink so we went back to the dressing room.

Vesuvius Pizza from Ludo’s Italian

The taste of Peroni Nastro Azzurro is distinctive, crisp and refreshing. You’ll find it has a notable citrus aroma and a pale, golden colour reminiscent of Prosecco.
It is gently brewed to give you an intensely crisp, refreshing taste with that unmistakable touch of Italian style.

We needed to find our apartment to drop our bags off and get changed.

Cell block H

It wasn’t too bad actually but time was getting on and we needed to get back.

Which way do we go?

Eventually we found the dressing room.

You’ve got 5 minutes!

Time to head for the stage!

Smirnoff is the most awarded name in vodka, with countless years of heritage and unmatched quality sold in over 130 countries . It is triple distilled from a blend of different grains and filtered ten times through seven columns of environmentally sustainable charcoal for an exceptionally pure-tasting, smooth spirit.

Crowd were fantastic!

What a gig!

Fantastic reaction from the crowd!!!

We all really enjoyed the gig and went out into the complex to have a drink.

These girls had come to see us wearing farmyard themed fancy dress!
Wurzel Hunter

Alex was dancing with a cow!

We heard Aswad were playing so we headed over to Reds bar…

They were great and after that we watched Trevor Nelson…

It ended up a great night and we spoke to loads of fans but as time wore on we were getting more knackered so we decided it best to navigate our way back to the apartment before it was too late.

Another great day out though!

Monday 19th September 2022

After a good nights sleep in our camp, we got ourselves ready and headed out to find breakfast.

Fortunately for us we stumbled upon a lovely couple who had really enjoyed the weekend. They told us the breakfast was only available until 10.30 because of the bank holiday.

Where’s your shades when you need them?

We found the canteen just in time as the staff were about to clear everything away!

Nice sausages

We needed to clear our heads and walk the breakfast off so we headed out towards the beach.


Eventually we arrived back at the apartments where our bus was waiting for us.

We got on the bus and decided to go straight back to Liverpool as we thought a lot of pubs would be shut because of the bank holiday.

Instead we watched the complete series of Blackadder II which is still incredibly funny.

After that we made ourselves comfortable, closed our eyes and reflected on what had been a great couple of days. A fitting end to our season of festivals.

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September Festivals 2022

Saturday September 3rd 2022

Over a month since our last festival so we were very excited to be travelling to Jersey for the Weekender Festival at the Royal Jersey Show-ground.

We were flying from Liverpool John Lennon Airport so we arranged to get there for about 8.30 as our flight was at 10.50.

Keith and I arrived early at 8.07 so we decided to check in and get some breakfast.

Thought it best to get a good meal inside us in case we decide to have a pint before departure.

Eventually we caught up with the others in the departure lounge and had a look at what was on offer.

Called a “session IPA”, ABV 4.3%. Clear pale golden colour, white head. Distinct aroma of fruity hops, tropical fruits galore, esp. mango. Light bodied as expected, but refreshing. The flavour has distinct hops throughout, tropical fruits first, then a solid bitterness.

Carl and I had a couple of pints to settle the nerves before the flight.

Took no time at all to get to our destination as we were travelling on a brand new Airbus!

We were met by drivers hired by the festival to take us to our hotel – The Merton.

After the Second World War the hotel was nicknamed The Honeymoon Hotel after couples at last were able to tie the knot after the Nazi occupation.

The Derby was on TV so while the others watched it in the hotel, Carl and I made our way to a pub – The White Horse.

Unfortunately they weren’t showing the football but they had a beer garden next to a beach so we ordered a couple of pints of Liberation Ale from the bar.

Our gold medal multi-award winning ale is proudly made with a unique blend of English Maris Otter and Continental Crystal malts. A symbol of our brewing excellence since 1871, its citric, easy drinking style pairs with seafood, pasta, salads, mature cheddar and crumbly cheeses. Produced by a loyal few, celebrated by many. This is true island character.

They also had a brilliant food menu so we ordered salt & pepper calamari which was fantastic!

We had one more pint of Liberation each then walked back to the hotel as we needed to head up to the venue.

The festival was busy and we were quickly shown to our dressing room.

All present and correct!

Keith came round with the food order, I went for the foot long hot dog!

Our good mate Mick Potter had come away with us…

and Carl’s lad Chay was our guitar tech for the day!

Time to limber up as we could hear The Pirates finish their set!

Just a medium vodka for me for nerves…

The crowd were building up nicely as we arrived on stage.

The following great pictures courtesy of photographer Matt Noel.

Groovy Train
Think I misjudged the vodka😫

The crowd were brilliant and we got a great reception.

After the show we all met up with my lovely guests from Jersey.

Then disaster! The beer ran out😕

Cold hot dog it is then?


At least we had nice neighbours…

Great to see these guys again!



We decided to go out front and watch The Proclaimers, they were great!

We then enjoyed a drink in the crowd listening to Hot Dub Time Machine.

Then to finish the night we all had a good laugh at Barrioke!

It was now getting late though and about 9.30 we got the message that the bus was leaving so we all headed back stage one last time.

We got the driver to drop us off at the White Horse…

and we spent a couple of hours watching the waves and the moonlight.

We then spent the best part of an hour trying to find an Indian restaurant…

It was great

and a further hour trying to find the hotel😫

Considering we’d been drinking for the best part of 15 hours, we all still rejoiced at the sight of the hotel bar still open😀

One more drink for the road and then we staggered off to our rooms. Not an easy task in a hotel where the ground floor reception is marked as the 4th floor.

Anyway, what a great day out we all had!

Sunday September 4th 2022

Check out was 11.00, I think most of us made it to the breakfast buffet. Alex had a very healthy one…

The flight was scheduled for 2.50 pm so we all set off to the White Horse to be picked up at 12.15 for the airport.

The pub wasn’t serving food till 12.30 so the others missed the chance to sample the salt & pepper calamari.

We had another pint of Liberation Ale and enjoyed the views…

With heavy hearts we set off on the 20 minute journey to the airport.

We found out that there was a delay!

So some of us jumped a cab to a surfers beach bar…

while the others checked in and played cards…

The waves and views were fantastic…

Yet another pint
A marvelous artisan pale ale brewed locally by Matt and Digby in Jersey, Channel Islands. It is light at 4.2% abv, refreshing and great served with local produce and shellfish, or easily drunk on its own.

All refreshed, we jumped another cab back to the airport.

We still had to wait an hour or so for our flight so we ordered something to eat and drink…

Eventually our flight was called and we all wearily trudged to our gate reflecting on the great couple of days we had just had.

Thank you Jersey

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Summer Festivals (6)

Saturday July 30th 2022

Today we’re playing our second Let’s Rock festival, this one in our home town of Liverpool.

We’re at Wavertree Playing Fields, a 104 acre park which was given to Liverpool Corporation in 1895 by an anonymous city well-wisher — the reason why it is affectionately known as ‘The Mystery’.

We set off around 12:30 to load in although we weren’t on stage till 4:45.

As it was a local gig, we had no time to stop off at a pub for some good food and drink so a few weeks ago we decided to brew our own cask beer!

First you have to vent the cask
Then knock in the tap
Ta Da!

The production team very kindly let us place the beer with it’s hand pump at the entrance to the artists area.

The hand pump or ‘beer engine’ is attached to the cask via a line and left to settle for an hour or so.

We had a bite to eat in the artists area and a bottle of Peroni each to chill out.

Carl & Roy then went out front to watch Scritti Politti…

and Tenpole Tudor!

We decided that 3pm was a good enough time to pour the first pint so Chris (my beer making partner) had the honour.

At this point the artists area was pretty full as the acts were coming and going. Then our good mate Dave Benson Phillips grabbed everyone’s attention and announced that the beer was now being served.

Festival Ale is an American Pale Ale made with marris otter low colour malt and New Zealand hops Pacific Gem & Nelson Sauvin plus US Citra hops. Great fruity taste with a grapefruit finish.

First up was our old mate Chesney Hawkes, fresh from his stage performance ten minutes earlier…

He’s a pro

Then Green Gartside and his band Scritti Politti were next in the queue…

Green reckoned it was a better pint than in his local😀

Next up was Edward Tudor-Pole…

and various band members

The beer was going down…
a treat!

Outside the bands were getting through their sets quickly…

Later on Roy caught up with Ottowan…

who later joined us inside with the lovely Julie McKnight, a fantastic singer and beer connoisseur!

Then the legendary Ce Ce Rogers joined the queue…

At this point it was nearly time for us to go on stage so I left the bar in the very capable hands of Rachel from the production team.

Meanwhile out front – what a crowd!

Some fantastic photo’s from Warren Millar, Billy Vitch and Martin Shaw!

What a fantastic reaction we got!

The crowd singing along to All Together Now

Next on was Nick Hayward so we went out front to watch him…

then invited him to our bar for a pint!

Our families and friends were in the audience watching us so we decided to spend a bit of time with them out front…

Keith with Ann from EITC
Alex with her flatmate who both loved our brew!

After a while we went back stage to look after the bar but disaster!

The beer had run out!

Oh well, nothing lasts forever so we packed away our beer equipment and went out front to watch the remaining bands.

Tom Bailey
Level 42
Billy Ocean
Human League

What a fantastic day out it was!

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Summer Festivals (5)

Saturday July 16th 2022

Today we’re off to Shrewsbury for the Let’s Rock festival. It’s based at The Quarry, a beautiful 29-acre parkland near the river Severn.

It’s a very early start as we have to be there for 10.00 am.

Different route today and we’re going via the Wallasey tunnel

Alas, no videos and no time allocated to stop off at a Camra awarded pub😕

At least we could stop for a bit of breakfast after seeing this omen…

We didn’t hang around for long…

We motored on and arrived fairly quickly at the venue.

The artists area was great!

Menu looks good!
Ice cool Alex!

Just enough time to have a look around the festival!

We had a quick line check as the crowd were starting to file in…

We were on stage soon…

so we headed back stage to check the rider.

The taste of Peroni Nastro Azzurro is distinctive, crisp and refreshing. You’ll find it has a notable citrus aroma and a pale, golden colour reminiscent of Prosecco.
It is gently brewed to give you an intensely crisp, refreshing taste with that unmistakable touch of Italian style.

The crowd had come right up to the front now…

We were ready to go on after meeting the legendary David Benson Phillips who was compere for the days event.

David gave us a great introduction and then we were on!

Crowd were brilliant!

We got a great reception and headed off backstage.

Edward Tudor-Pole was also performing!

Lovely guy!

We then went back out front into the sunshine to watch Scritti Politti

Met a few fans on the way

They were excellent and we met Green Gartside backstage!

He was ace!

We wanted to stay longer and see Bad Manners but we had to get back to Liverpool.

So we had to say farewell to Shrewsbury!

On the way in we’d earmarked the Olde Bucks Head as a possible getaway from the festival but it was never going to happen.

So instead we decided to travel up to Liverpool and head to The Old Tap in Waterloo where a couple of beer aficionado’s were keenly awaiting our arrival.

We had something to eat on the bus and a possible snooze then….

The Mersey Tunnel!

5 minutes in the tunnel then another 15 to Waterloo and we arrived at The Old Tap.

It’s a new pub getting rave reviews

First off we sampled the Polly’s ‘Neither Odd or Even.

Anybody who has followed the brewery long enough will know we love to smash together previous hop combos from our dearly departed Originals range and create modern day frankenstein’d-together bangers. Citra Columbus always has a special place in our heart, after a particularly memorable after-work “sampling session” held by Sean and Arron, and we were huge fans of the original version of Enigma Simcoe IPA, so much so that we carried it over to the Augment range that now holds the brewery up. Smashing the two together and reeling back the ABV to a more sessionable 5.6%, we’ve created a pale ale that brings a swag bag of stone fruit, mango, peach and tangerine notes to the party, with just a little grassy bitterness to boot.
5.6% ABV

Went down very well…

Next I’m sure we had the ‘From Above’ by the Track brewing company.

From Above is our easy-going, quaffable gluten-free beer. Brewed using malted barley, Cara Gold and oats to bring fullness and a lovely bready malt character and dry hopped with Mosaic and Nelson. Up front, youll find exquisite pineapple and tropical fruit punch, a soft bitterness and mouth-watering lemon peel followed by a long finish. Beautifully balanced, drinkable and satisfying.

Maybe we had one more for the road but I can’t remember what it was, or much else for that matter.

But what a fantastic day out we all had!

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Summer Festivals 2022 (4)

Saturday July 9th 2022

This week we’re off to Dunstable, Bedfordshire for the council funded ‘Party in the Park’ festival.

It’s a later start than usual as we’re not on stage till about 7pm so we all met up at 11:30.

It came as a great relief to us that the video player was working and we decided to watch the film we couldn’t watch last week, ‘Waiting For Guffman’.

We enjoyed the film very much and as we were still half an hour away from our lunch destination we thought we’d watch a couple of classic episodes of the Likely Lads…

It was a lovely sunny day and we were heading to Sutton Stop, Coventry…

Sutton Stop is the name for the ‘Stop Lock’ at Hawkesbury Junction. This is the Junction of the Coventry Canal and the Oxford Canal.

Alongside the canal was our chosen lunch spot, The Greyhound Inn!

Let there be frolics and bunting!

Time to order a beer, first off is Kerala by Distant Hills of Glossop.

Dreaming of sandy beaches and tropical fruits, this Session IPA is dry hopped mixing Mosaic and Calypso hops with Malabar pepper for an easy drinking, hoppy session beer.

It was gorgeous and went down so well we’d ordered another round before the food came

We had a great spec to eat our food watching the canal

Finally our food arrived…

It all tasted great and to congratulate ourselves on having such a good time we ordered another round of drinks!

This time it was Purity Session IPA

A moreish, unfiltered session IPA, infused with real grapefruit peel and brimming with tropical fruit notes and hop aromas.

At this point life couldn’t get any better but we had to get to Dunstable. Sadly it was time to say goodbye to Hawkesbury Junction…

and hello again to the van!

At least we had the Likely Lads to keep us amused!

We watched the episode where they’re avoiding the England football score and in no time we arrived in Dunstable!

Great atmosphere inside the park…

We caught the last five minutes of Bhangra Smash Up!

Great bunch of lads

Our dressing room was inside the council offices.

The mayor and her deputy came to greet us…

They were still buzzin’ after just being on stage with Bhangra Smash Up!

We went outside to check the bar…

and met up with some Farm fans who’d brought their records with them for us to sign.

Next act on was a Bob Marley Tribute…

He was great and had the crowd singing along…

Meanwhile, partly due to that extra pint in Coventry…

Not long after, the stage was being set up for us to go on…

The vodka had arrived early this week so time to get ready as the crowd were becoming restless!

Finally it was time to go on!

The lads from Bhangra Smash Up invaded the stage…

Watch the brilliant video here filmed by TheFarmLive gary.

The crowd went mad!

What a gig!

Curfew was 8pm so it was back to the dressing room to pick up our stuff.


We headed off and watched a couple more films…

before stopping off at a service station for more buffoonery.

Back in the van for one last time with a few extra cans.

Big, hoppy and fresh. Juicy American hops added in ever increasing amounts at the end of the boil and in the fermenter to give huge flavor and aroma.

Malt: Simpsons Best, Caragold, Caramalt.

Hops: Magnum, Columbus, Bravo, Amarillo.

Eventually we arrived back very late at the rehearsal rooms, Carl’s body language says it all!

but what a great day out yet again!

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Summer Festivals 2022 (3)

Friday July 1st 2022

Third festival of the summer and it’s back down south to Church End near Little Hadham in Hertfordshire for the ‘Sign of the Times’ festival.

10:00 start but we couldn’t find the gold bus.

It had been booked out to somebody else so we had to settle for silver.

Half an hour into the journey and we chose our first film…

but no one could get the video to work.

Carl produced various leads from his bag…

but nothing seemed to work.

Even our manager Peasy tried to phone for assistance from our other vehicle…

but to no avail.

We had to accept that there would be no films on today and we would have to entertain ourselves by making conversation!

There were lots of hold ups on the motorway and we weren’t making very good progress. On top of that Keith had too many cups of tea that morning and needed the toilet!

We stopped at services for 10 minutes but by the time we got out, the van had moved to get petrol. At this point we’d all separated…

eventually everyone showed up by the van but Keith had gone missing!

John King put out an APB and eventually Keith showed up.

He’d been in a sandwich queue and the lady in front of him couldn’t work out how to use the barcode machine on checkout!

At last at 1:30 we arrived in Thornby where we had chosen our lunch venue, The Red Lion.

Just 5 minutes drive from Naseby, the scene of the great battle of 1645 where Cromwell destroyed the Royalist army under Charles I.

Lovely pub with good recommendations for food and drink.

We ordered 5 pints of Purity Gold

Keen followers will remember that we had Purity Gold in the Royal Oak in Crick coming back from Knebworth in August 2019.

They directed us to a room upstairs…

The beer tasted great!

So did the food!

We left as satisfied customers

New Model Army HQ

We set off again, the journey to the festival would take us another hour and forty five minutes!

Before too long we realised that we would be on stage in less than an hour!

Time for Alex to start her make-up!

Eventually we arrived at the festival

We were on after Jo Boxers, we’d supported them in Liverpool in the eighties but relations were soured after Dig Wayne’s leather hat mysteriously went missing.

We were in a rush to prepare for the gig so went straight to the dressing room where we bumped into Richard Jobson from the legendary Skids!

Top bloke!

We then found a fridge full of Kronenbourg

Its golden hues and delicate bitterness come from selecting the best hops, the ‘Strisselspalt’, and the unique know-how of Kronenbourg’s master brewers for over 300 years.

Strisselspalt is also named the caviar of hops by the expert master brewers around the world for its low bitterness and aromatic qualities. Its specific soil and culture technique requirements makes it rare and quite unique to the Alsace Region and Kronenbourg recipes.

Alas the vodka was slow to arrive so we had to revert to plan b!

Keith has his own brand

At last, time for us to go on stage!

The crowd were brilliant!

The gig was fantastic!

Alex’s mum had come to see us and we met her back stage.

Meanwhile Peasy met our mate Alan McGee who was DJ ing the event and Richard Jobson again.

We found a craft bar out front and bumped into our mate Guy Gillo

The bar had Beavertown Neck Oil which went down a treat!

A beer that you know you can pick up and appreciate or simply get it down ya neck. Extra pale base malts are used to keep it crisp and give the hops a great platform to dance on. Masses of late hop additions throughout the last 20 minutes of the boil and a huge dose of dry hops make this a brilliantly ‘easy’ ipa.

Alex’s mum Liz and auntie Emma joined us.

We had a fantastic day but after checking our phone messages we decided it was best to leave.

What a great day out!

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Summer Festivals 2022 (2)

Saturday 18th June 2022

The second festival this year is again with Madness as part of the Forest Live series of concerts. This week we’re going to High Lodge, Thetford Forest, Suffolk

9:30 start this week at Sort rehearsal studios for the long journey to Suffolk.

Sort of

Video’s on board this week included….

and an old favourite

We decided to head to Hartford for our lunch – a pub called The King of the Belgians!

Friendly bar

We ordered the Bruha English Bitter…

The very best East Anglian malted barley combined with English hops to create this English bitter.

and the Drayman’s Draught

The American hopped pale ale has a strong citrus flavour with a bitter hoppy aftertaste.

Carl’s sausage & mash looked good

Pub of the year 2017
Saw us coming

Food was very good and we had a couple of nice pints before setting off again to the venue.

Back stage
Sound check
Keith & Alex

We had a bit of time to spare so decide to try archery!

Great fun!

We are the mods!

Carl, Roy & I went out front of stage to find the Madness Brewery Beer, it was great!

Absolutely Pale Ale is a beer to arouse the senses, infusing American style hops into a refreshingly flavoursome liquid bounty. You’ll want to take i, not leave it, with no sign of embarrassment, as we’re sure you’ll be absolutely bowled over with every sip.

Took our beer back to watch Emily Capell

Now, time for The Farm

Straight outta Metallica
View from the stage

The crowd were great and we went down well!

End of tour photo
Some friends turned up
Met an Eastender…
Who got arrested for being drunk

Oh what fun we had with Madness and Emily Capell!

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Summer Festivals 2022

Saturday 11th June 2022

A great way to start off the festival season with two gigs as special guests of Madness as part of the Forestry England dates postponed from 2020.

10:30 am start at Sort rehearsal studio as we’re heading to the Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire.

Good choice of film as we watch JoJo Rabbit on the bus.

Danny Boyle’s ‘Yesterday’ was next up but we only got half way through it as we arrived at our pub stop.

The Three Horseshoes, Frampton-on-Severn!

Straight in to order 12 lunches with pints to the horror of the only bar maid in the village!

12 pints of Jubuley please
(Golden Beer)A full flavoured and hoppy palate balanced by underlying fruit. This copper coloured beer is smooth, long and very refreshing.
Went down a treat

They also prepared 12 fantastic pies…

Each filling had a choice of meat or fish with mashed potatoes and cauliflower cheese inside the pie crust!

Mine was Steak & Ale

The Village Green in Frampton is said to be the longest village green in England, and is about 22 acres in size. Cricket is played on The Green outside the Bell Inn, one of the two Pubs on The Green, the other being The Three Horseshoes at the opposite end of The Green.

We needed a long rest to digest our traditional English fayre.

Which resulted in us being very late for the sound check😟

Meanwhile back stage the weather was glorious.


…and the beer fridge full

Notes: In the late 1800’s Brooklyn was one of the largest brewing centers in the country, home to more than 45 breweries. Lager beer in the “Vienna” style was one of the local favorites. Brooklyn Lager is amber-gold in color and displays a firm malt center supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma. Caramel malts show in the finish. The aromatic qualities of the beer are enhanced by “dry-hopping”, the centuries-old practice of steeping the beer with fresh hops as it undergoes a long, cold maturation. The result is a wonderfully flavorful beer, smooth, refreshing and very versatile with food. Dry-hopping is largely a British technique, which we’ve used in a Viennese-style beer to create an American original.

Thought we’d explore…

Carl & Roy enjoying a cold pint of Carling
Great atmosphere!

Emily Capell was the first act on, she was very good.

Emily Capell
Team photo

Next up….the Farm

Great crowd
View from the desk
View from the stage

The crowd were brilliant!

Next up….Madness


All too soon we had to pull the plug on the evening as we had to get back home.

Roll on next week

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Shiiine On Weekender

Sunday November 17th 2019

Our bi-annual trip to Butlin’s in Minehead started later than usual as we weren’t needed till about 6pm.

The usual ‘can’t find the remote’ sketch hindered the start of the film.

Bill Forsyth’s ‘ice cream wars’ drama took care of the first part of the journey.

Swiftly on to the services for fish and chips and then back on board to watch the 60’s film Pretty Poison starring Anthony Perkins.

It was very good!

Eventually we arrived in Minehead…This iconic apartment block is where all the bands stay!

First we have to soundcheck!

Cup of tea for Carl as we’re not on till 12:30am!

The venue is big…

The soundcheck…

Keith was in good spirits but still not able to talk after surgery but his guitar sounded awesome!

It all sounded good, levels were fine…. now for the important business!

Too much water in the fridge but realised the beer bottles were too big to get in….

Our manager told us he was going to put them all in Room 101….

Had to stop and think for a minute🥺

As it turns out, Carl and I are in Room 101….

Peter and Roy are next door in Room 102 listening to Mick Ronson on Roy’s snazzy new ipad!

Keith and our manager Pete are in Room 103 resting as they are going home straight after the show!

Next, Carl and I decided to go and watch the Wonderstuff who were playing in the big top!

They went down well and I got a few pictures near the front….Happiness!

Thought we’d head back to the apartments…..…where we bumped into Miles Hunt and asked him for a photo for a mutual friend!

Now…. time to start preparing to go on stage!

Went out front to watch Dodgy…

They sounded great and the crowd were buzzing!

Went backstage to chat with Doreen and Joan from Eric’s club Liverpool.

Time was getting on and we were just about ready to go on stage.

We got a great reception! Great photo’s by John King!Roy was joined on drums by Matthew from Dodgy for All Together Now – a great spectacle!

A brilliant gig with a brilliant hardcore crowd!

Later on we came out to watch Bez….

Then Shona got up with Rowetta!

Was a great act and very late when it finished but we all had a brilliant day!

Monday November 18th 2019

Woke up to a great view from the apartment….

Time for a wander…..

Lovely sunny morning but we had to find some breakfast!Not here!Or here….

Eventually we found the bistro and sat down to cold fried eggs!

Time to head off as we have a long journey ahead….

Quite liked this…😃

The film for the journey was Moon by Duncan Jones

Was quite a moving film and we all enjoyed it.

Peter was busy making plans for a stop off at a real ale pub in Droitwich!

We tried to park outside but were beaten to it…

The Old Cock Inn!

They sold mild!

We ordered 10 pints of it….and food as wellThis time a warm egg!

There were board games….

…and fireplaces

Absolutely brilliant pub and great landlord who was a local but supported Liverpool👏

Carl seen here outside the pub

Time for us all to go, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Old Cock Inn!

Think we all fell asleep in the van but eventually we arrived back in Liverpool and had one for the road in the Lion Tavern!

What a great couple of days out we had!