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Summer Festivals (6)

Saturday July 30th 2022

Today we’re playing our second Let’s Rock festival, this one in our home town of Liverpool.

We’re at Wavertree Playing Fields, a 104 acre park which was given to Liverpool Corporation in 1895 by an anonymous city well-wisher — the reason why it is affectionately known as ‘The Mystery’.

We set off around 12:30 to load in although we weren’t on stage till 4:45.

As it was a local gig, we had no time to stop off at a pub for some good food and drink so a few weeks ago we decided to brew our own cask beer!

First you have to vent the cask
Then knock in the tap
Ta Da!

The production team very kindly let us place the beer with it’s hand pump at the entrance to the artists area.

The hand pump or ‘beer engine’ is attached to the cask via a line and left to settle for an hour or so.

We had a bite to eat in the artists area and a bottle of Peroni each to chill out.

Carl & Roy then went out front to watch Scritti Politti…

and Tenpole Tudor!

We decided that 3pm was a good enough time to pour the first pint so Chris (my beer making partner) had the honour.

At this point the artists area was pretty full as the acts were coming and going. Then our good mate Dave Benson Phillips grabbed everyone’s attention and announced that the beer was now being served.

Festival Ale is an American Pale Ale made with marris otter low colour malt and New Zealand hops Pacific Gem & Nelson Sauvin plus US Citra hops. Great fruity taste with a grapefruit finish.

First up was our old mate Chesney Hawkes, fresh from his stage performance ten minutes earlier…

He’s a pro

Then Green Gartside and his band Scritti Politti were next in the queue…

Green reckoned it was a better pint than in his local😀

Next up was Edward Tudor-Pole…

and various band members

The beer was going down…
a treat!

Outside the bands were getting through their sets quickly…

Later on Roy caught up with Ottowan…

who later joined us inside with the lovely Julie McKnight, a fantastic singer and beer connoisseur!

Then the legendary Ce Ce Rogers joined the queue…

At this point it was nearly time for us to go on stage so I left the bar in the very capable hands of Rachel from the production team.

Meanwhile out front – what a crowd!

Some fantastic photo’s from Warren Millar, Billy Vitch and Martin Shaw!

What a fantastic reaction we got!

The crowd singing along to All Together Now

Next on was Nick Hayward so we went out front to watch him…

then invited him to our bar for a pint!

Our families and friends were in the audience watching us so we decided to spend a bit of time with them out front…

Keith with Ann from EITC
Alex with her flatmate who both loved our brew!

After a while we went back stage to look after the bar but disaster!

The beer had run out!

Oh well, nothing lasts forever so we packed away our beer equipment and went out front to watch the remaining bands.

Tom Bailey
Level 42
Billy Ocean
Human League

What a fantastic day out it was!


‘Some people are born two drinks below par.’

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