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Shiiine On Weekender

Sunday November 17th 2019

Our bi-annual trip to Butlin’s in Minehead started later than usual as we weren’t needed till about 6pm.

The usual ‘can’t find the remote’ sketch hindered the start of the film.

Bill Forsyth’s ‘ice cream wars’ drama took care of the first part of the journey.

Swiftly on to the services for fish and chips and then back on board to watch the 60’s film Pretty Poison starring Anthony Perkins.

It was very good!

Eventually we arrived in Minehead…This iconic apartment block is where all the bands stay!

First we have to soundcheck!

Cup of tea for Carl as we’re not on till 12:30am!

The venue is big…

The soundcheck…

Keith was in good spirits but still not able to talk after surgery but his guitar sounded awesome!

It all sounded good, levels were fine…. now for the important business!

Too much water in the fridge but realised the beer bottles were too big to get in….

Our manager told us he was going to put them all in Room 101….

Had to stop and think for a minute🥺

As it turns out, Carl and I are in Room 101….

Peter and Roy are next door in Room 102 listening to Mick Ronson on Roy’s snazzy new ipad!

Keith and our manager Pete are in Room 103 resting as they are going home straight after the show!

Next, Carl and I decided to go and watch the Wonderstuff who were playing in the big top!

They went down well and I got a few pictures near the front….Happiness!

Thought we’d head back to the apartments…..…where we bumped into Miles Hunt and asked him for a photo for a mutual friend!

Now…. time to start preparing to go on stage!

Went out front to watch Dodgy…

They sounded great and the crowd were buzzing!

Went backstage to chat with Doreen and Joan from Eric’s club Liverpool.

Time was getting on and we were just about ready to go on stage.

We got a great reception! Great photo’s by John King!Roy was joined on drums by Matthew from Dodgy for All Together Now – a great spectacle!

A brilliant gig with a brilliant hardcore crowd!

Later on we came out to watch Bez….

Then Shona got up with Rowetta!

Was a great act and very late when it finished but we all had a brilliant day!

Monday November 18th 2019

Woke up to a great view from the apartment….

Time for a wander…..

Lovely sunny morning but we had to find some breakfast!Not here!Or here….

Eventually we found the bistro and sat down to cold fried eggs!

Time to head off as we have a long journey ahead….

Quite liked this…😃

The film for the journey was Moon by Duncan Jones

Was quite a moving film and we all enjoyed it.

Peter was busy making plans for a stop off at a real ale pub in Droitwich!

We tried to park outside but were beaten to it…

The Old Cock Inn!

They sold mild!

We ordered 10 pints of it….and food as wellThis time a warm egg!

There were board games….

…and fireplaces

Absolutely brilliant pub and great landlord who was a local but supported Liverpool👏

Carl seen here outside the pub

Time for us all to go, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Old Cock Inn!

Think we all fell asleep in the van but eventually we arrived back in Liverpool and had one for the road in the Lion Tavern!

What a great couple of days out we had!